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[IPk] Food


I find that when I go hypo, especially when I pick up on it relatively late, 
that I will eat my whole fridge in one sitting if I don't control myself!

Seriously..... the strong feeling of hunger during a hypo, and consequent 
eating far too much and going hyper (and then not wanting too bolus as 
insulin sensitivity can be very high) is a serious issue for those of us who 
find it difficult to control their eating.  This adds to my 'peaks and 
troughs' BG syndrome which I am trying to smooth.

On the subject of food - I read recently that eating a piece of fruit before 
a meal can help stop over-eating on fats and carbohydrates.  I am trying to 
cut down on Carbohydrates (as I eat a great deal each day, or that is how it 
feels - UI thinka legacy of being on far too much insulin on MDI).  Has 
anyone found this to be a useful technique??

I am also very interested in how this group calculates bolus doses for 
protein.  I tend to factor about half the amount of insulin that I use for 
carbohydrates per weight for beef/chicken/bacon but would be interested to 
hear how people deal with eggs/fish??


(pumping for 4 months, lots too learn about nutrition)


Chocolate is wonderful stuff, but is best enjoyed with a normal blood
glucose level. I wonder how many diabetics delight in being hypo because
it 'means they can eat chocolate'!

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