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Re: [IPk] Re: Infusion sites/method

Hi Louis -

Clearly the aim is to find a procedure that works for you, and gives you
the results you want. And it sounds as if you are happy - so that's great.

For me, I find that a 4 hour delay in removing the old infusion set
prevents any funny hiccups in my BG.

>1. if I leave the old set in place for three or four hours (having connected
>my pump to the new one), when I remove it the insulin is still in the

That is correct. I don't want that extra insulin in me. It lies there
unused for 3 or 4 hours till I pull out the old set.

People worry about not bolussing too soon before a set change - but don't
forget that your recent unabsorbed basal insulin can also leak out as well.
That's why I like to keep it all sealed in for a few hours.

>2. The time between my body accepting the plastic cannula dispensing insulin
>into me (i.e. 72 hours),and the time when it begins to reject it as a
>foreign body - the site becomes red and itches, and BG's rise a little, is
>quite short.  Therefore leaving the old infusion set in only makes these
>symptoms worse and the site takes slightly longer to heal (bear in kind I am
>Diabetic and healing can take longer (-: )

You could argue that you might change earlier ie before it starts itching...


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