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Re: [IPk] Fw: Insulin pump book idea

I think that's a great idea, 

but re: using peoples posts from this site,
i believe that when we all signed up to the list we agreed to a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that prohibits us from using/showing/making public the content of this list.

I would suppose that you'd have to talk to the list managers about getting permission and ask the permission and authorisation of every individual user who posted/contributed to a discussion thread that you wish to use.

I wouldn't mind as long as my permission was gained for each thread where my text would be read/edited/printed by anyone other than a list member.

Good luck , regards, liam
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On 27/06/2002 at 19:44 Tony O'Sullivan wrote:

>Hi all,
>I mentioned the possibility of a book by pumpers about pumping before. I
>chatted about it with some people from Wiley, and as you can see below they
>are interested.
>What I had proposed was that essentially posts from the group would be
>published as they are, edited by the publisher and with some editing and
>comment from site regulars like John Neale.
>In principal it is great. The messages are very vivid and give an honest
>impression about pump use for those thinking about it. They would be
>published anonymously of course, so that the confidentiality of
>to a group like this one is protected.
>At the same time, people might contribute differently if they felt their
>posts might be stored for later publication. Would that be too big a price
>to pay for producing something about pumping that has a real user's flavour
>to it? What do you think?
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>Subject: Re: Insulin pump book idea
>> Dear Tony,
>> I have finally had a chance to look at the site and I think it is
>> excellent.  I would sit and read it all, but time does not permit!  It
>> should make a lovely book: people can use it in tandem with the site -
>> going back for updates or chats, but keeping the book around the house
>> browsing and easy access.  I think a combination of facts about diabetes,
>> insulin and pumps, combined with the anecdotal material would be
>> I have forwarded your message to Tracey Curtis, Publisher of Practical
>> Diabetes International, to see whether she wishes to profile the site in
>> PDI or on our website, diabetesonestop.com.
>> The book would need to be cheap and therefore would probably need
>> sponsorship, but we have good relations with the insulin pump companies
>> will see what they can do.  Meanwhile, would you like to submit a formal
>> proposal that I can send out for review.  I would need an outline of the
>> proposed contents and perhaps one or two downloads as samples.  The other
>> items on the form are self-explanatory.
>> I find this a genuinely exciting prospect and look forward to working on
>> this with you.
>> With best wishes,
>> Joan Marsh
>> (See attached file: New book proposal diabetes.doc)
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