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[IPk] Re: Infusion sites/method

I have found that there is sometimes a little liquid at the  insertion site 
when I remove the infusion set (Disetronic Tender).  I attribute this to 
sweat, especially after exercisin, and moisture from baths/showers.

For me, the most effective way of ensuring a steady and continuous flow of 
insulin is to remove the old set as you put the new one in - on the other 
side of the abdomen in my case.  I then give my self a bolus of ONE unit to 
fill the cannula and to make sure the insulin is running smoothly at the new 

I know many people in this group recommend leaving the old set in for a 
while to prevent BG's shooting up, but I have found this unsuitable for two 

1. if I leave the old set in place for three or four hours (having connected 
my pump to the new one), when I remove it the insulin is still in the 

Without the battery to propel the insulin into me, it simply stays in the 
plastic cannula.  I appreciate that people don't want insulin that is 
already delivered to come out from the site on removing the set, but 
Disetronic advise that you do not bolus just prior to changing a set anyway

2. The time between my body accepting the plastic cannula dispensing insulin 
into me (i.e. 72 hours),and the time when it begins to reject it as a 
foreign body - the site becomes red and itches, and BG's rise a little, is 
quite short.  Therefore leaving the old infusion set in only makes these 
symptoms worse and the site takes slightly longer to heal (bear in kind I am 
Diabetic and healing can take longer (-: )

I would be very interested to hear other people's routine, particularly in 
relation to sites used/length of time between changing sets, and the methods 
used to put a Tender in.




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