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[IPk] My daughter too embarrassed to tell teacher

Hello everyone on insulin-pumpers and email @ redacted

Well, what can I do?  I picked my daughter up from school this afternoon and 
she wandered over to me looking upset.  She said "I feel low" so I went into 
the reception and asked for her medical box and gave her a mini caramel.  
About 5 minutes later, when we got home, I tested her blood and she was 3.2.  
What must she have been earlier?  It was swimming today and I always go in 
and test her blood before she gets on the coach.  She was 11.7 and I felt 
happy with that but I told her to make sure she eats her cereal bar as soon 
as she has finished swimming this afternoon.  How low must she have been in 
the swimming pool?

Yesterday, we got home from school and her bg was 2.8.  Previous to these 
days she has been between 9 and 17 when she came in from school so I know 
that it depends on whether it is sunny or raining and if she has had games or 
if she has been running around a lot at playtimes.  Before I test her blood, 
she says "By the way mum, I didn't run around as much today" or "It was 
raining so we stayed in today" and I can always tell by the result.

Well tonight of all nights was the night when we had a mad rush on.  She was 
having a tap dancing exam at 4.30 pm and I had to get home, do bg, feed her, 
get her ready in one of those slap-head type hairstyles for dancing and get 
there for 4.15 pm.  Well, her bg levels were more important to me than the 
exam so we got there on time but in a bit of a rush.

I have just had a chat with her as I always do.  I told her that she must 
tell the teacher straight away as soon as she feels low and she kept on 
agreeing with me.  I said "If you don't tell the teacher as soon as you feel 
low, it will be too late and there will be an ambulance coming for you".  
Don't get me wrong, I don't say it abruptly.  I always make sure that she 
understands what I am saying without her getting upset.  She then said "Mum, 
I'm too embarrassed to tell the teacher".

Needless to say, I have been through different scenarios with her and have 
told her to tell the person who is sitting next to her to tell the teacher.  
I know what being hypo is like and if you don't say it within a reasonable 
amount of time, you become too weak to even be bothered saying anything.  
This is what I worry about and that's why I tell Danielle to say it as soon 
as she feels it.  She might be wrong, but every time she has told me, she has 
been right.

Has anybody else experienced their child being embarrassed to say they feel 
low at school?

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