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[IPk] Fw: Insulin pump book idea

Hi all,

I mentioned the possibility of a book by pumpers about pumping before. I
chatted about it with some people from Wiley, and as you can see below they
are interested.

What I had proposed was that essentially posts from the group would be
published as they are, edited by the publisher and with some editing and
comment from site regulars like John Neale.

In principal it is great. The messages are very vivid and give an honest
impression about pump use for those thinking about it. They would be
published anonymously of course, so that the confidentiality of contributing
to a group like this one is protected.

At the same time, people might contribute differently if they felt their
posts might be stored for later publication. Would that be too big a price
to pay for producing something about pumping that has a real user's flavour
to it? What do you think?


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Subject: Re: Insulin pump book idea

> Dear Tony,
> I have finally had a chance to look at the site and I think it is
> excellent.  I would sit and read it all, but time does not permit!  It
> should make a lovely book: people can use it in tandem with the site -
> going back for updates or chats, but keeping the book around the house for
> browsing and easy access.  I think a combination of facts about diabetes,
> insulin and pumps, combined with the anecdotal material would be
> I have forwarded your message to Tracey Curtis, Publisher of Practical
> Diabetes International, to see whether she wishes to profile the site in
> PDI or on our website, diabetesonestop.com.
> The book would need to be cheap and therefore would probably need
> sponsorship, but we have good relations with the insulin pump companies so
> will see what they can do.  Meanwhile, would you like to submit a formal
> proposal that I can send out for review.  I would need an outline of the
> proposed contents and perhaps one or two downloads as samples.  The other
> items on the form are self-explanatory.
> I find this a genuinely exciting prospect and look forward to working on
> this with you.
> With best wishes,
> Joan Marsh
> (See attached file: New book proposal diabetes.doc)
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