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Re: [IPk] Infusion Sites

Hi Julian,

Is it leaking while the site's in, or after you take it out?  Mine often
leak a little fluid, sometimes clear and sometimes pinky, when I take
them out.  They don't leak if you leave the old set in for a couple of
hours before pulling it out - I suppose the insulin/fliud has drained
down the cannula by then.

Sorry I don't know what it would be if the site's leaking when the
cannula's still in.


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>Subject: [IPk] Infusion Sites >Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 09:34:27 -0700 >
>I've noticed over the past few weeks on quite a few occasions that after
I have had the set in for a day or so blood starts to leak from the site
sometimes what I assume to be Insulin with it though I never smell the
insulin. Is there something wrong with my insertion technique. At the
moment I use minimed sof set non detachable infusion sets which I was
given by my diabetes centre. Any advice would be very welcome. > >Julian
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