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[IPk] lifestyle and HbA1c

I wonder what the reference range for this particular lab is
In my books an A1c of 8.2 isn't bad and was far better than what I managed to
achieve in my last year prior to pumping Our HbA1cs are DCCT standardised and
non diabetic is less than 6.4
HbA1 as opposed to HbA1c is a slightly different test which will be about 1.8%
higher than HbA1c
At any rate an A1c of 8.2 is not brilliant but doesn't necessarily signify
self neglect and when I last had levels in this range prior to pumping I was
sometimes having 2 or 3 hypos per day
Does this person ever see other diabetics. If he can't deal with 8s then how
is he with 12s or 15s which, I would agree would suggest  poor self care in
many cases, although not necessarily all. There are many who are this badly
controlled and don't seem to give a sh-- ( although they may just be in
I would be very tempted to write back to him and suggest that as he is so
concerned about your control would he like to either refer you to a DAFNE
course ( this is a course that teaches people to optimise MDI and adjust
insulin around what they eat, and what they are doing in order to improve
control and live a more normal life), or refer you to a pump clinic and secure
funding for this

Remind him that your A1c is higher than the reference range because you are
Diabetic and do not wish to collapse or fit with a hypo

Incidentally there is a graph plotting A1c and risk of various complications.
The greatest risk is above 8 when risk rises rapidly. Obviously the better
control you can achieve the more chance you have of delaying / avoiding. But I
am trying to reassure you that if your level was done in a lab standardised to
the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial then it is not that bad if it is
trying to recall where this graph is..
Anyway, keep fighting
If you have very erratic blood sugars with frequent highs and lows then
levelling off may be as important initially as lowering A1C. If you can do
this then targets can gradually be reduced. And I'd advise you to avoid this
stupid consultant in future as he will only make you feel worse. IMHO the
other problems you are experiencing could be influencing your diabetes rather
than the other way round
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