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[IPk] Re:lifestyle and HbA's

Just to add a point on this...don't know if anyone else has had this 
'problem' with where the HbA's are done...
My last HbA was 8.2 or something similar. I was given a nasty telling off in 
a letter from the general med consultant I was seeing at that time (and who 
had just discharged me) for problems related to fybromyalgia and chronic 
fatigue syndrome/ME. I found it a bit odd as my last HbA was 6.8 ot 
thereabouts, just a few weeks previously to this. But I had been having a lot 
of problems, and told the cons this (no clinic here). He wrote to me saying 
the result was simply not good enough and had to improved drastically with 
more effort on my part! He went on to say that all my other medical problems 
were probably down to the poor control I was putting myself under at the 
I went to the DNS at my GP's. She looked(and listenened) and said that the 
problem with the HbA1 at the moment was they were using a cheaper method of 
testing, to cut costs, at the local hospital. (Overspent in that dept and 
told to cut back, so they did it this way). Apparently, this is causing a lot 
of controversy as these tests (or the way of testing) are outdated and not 
normally used now. She went on to say that the actual HbA1 reading from this 
had to be calculated, don't know how, and it would come out more like 7.2. 
Now this flumoxed me! 
Has anyone had this in their area? It does seemm scandalous that this type of 
practice is allowed to go on. I would have thought that a test like HbA1 
would be a standard across the board, not something that depends on how much 
it costs!
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