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[IPk] Re:hypos

>I know exactly how you feel, Abigail. It's funny though, healthcare is

>area where medical conditions are given little (perhaps inadequate )
>attention. Even after that incident, nobody ever asked me how I was or

>thought about hypos when I was going bananas. Now I run a minor
>clinic every couple of weeks, and I often have hypos in the middle of
>procedure. It makes me wonder about the possible link with adrenaline.

This reminds me of a story a paediatrician colleague told me when I
told him I had been diagnosed with diabetes.  He said that when he
worked at Hammersmith Hospital in the 1970's, the head of the
paediatrics department had type 1 diabetes, and since he kept very
tight control, even with the insulins etc available then, had a
tendency occasionally to go hypo mid-morning, and it was one of the
tasks of the junior doctors to listen unobtrusively and if he was
starting to sound less coherent than usual, to approach him with a high
carb snack.  Evidently either he was lucky, or the tight control was
effective, since this guy died not long ago, at age 90, of causes other
than diabetes complications.  
Your experience makes me think again just how difficult it is for
non-diabetic healthcare professionals to imagine how diabetics function
in every day life, and how hypo and hyper states really affect one in
practice - one American physician started laying down the law on
another email list I was on about how milk was the best thing to take
in case of a hypo - quite apart from suspecting that milk may be less
than ideal for other reasons, I wondered if he imagined that one would
conveniently only go hypo when next to a fridge??

What puzzles me about the link with adrenaline is that it seems that it
can work either way, sometimes resulting in hypo and sometimes hyper -
I suspect it depends quite critically on what blood glucose is to start
I try to always check blood glucose before starting on procedures using
radioactive substances - quite apart from the fact that it would be
irresponsible to risk a mishap (which would not be so bad since the
substances I work with have very short half-lives), I am more scared of
losing my authorization to work with radioactivity as it is an
intrinsic part of my job.


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