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[IPk] ] driving and hypos

Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 17:46:08 -0700
From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPk] dring and hypos


My blood glucose was 8.6 !!!  Exactly.
This was just my local GP here in Dubai.
I am on a pump.
My diabetic clinic is excellent and I have no complaints with them.
It is just the general "no knowledge" that ordinary GP's have and who try to
put everything down to uncontrolled diabetes!!


Did you mean a blood glucose of 8.6 or 18.6?
what type of clinic do you go to and in which country?
Is it a GP or a hospital clinic?
To my mind a random BG of 8.6 shows excellent control. Or perhaps this is
wrong as a random BG is not a good indicator of control
Are you on MDI or a pump?
Even on a pump my BG can shoot up to 16 on some mornings post brekky. On
mornings it's perfect
Why don't you have a polite word with your doctor who clearly is unsafe to
practice as regards insulin therapy as he / she doesn't recognise the danger
of overinsulinisation and driving.Suggest that they come to visit you at
so you can safely run BG on the verge of a hypo. If you hypo and cause an
accident it's you that will be charged not them ifthey do not appreciate the
danger of driving and hypo and think you can always have a BG of 4-6 or
whatever they are in cloud cuckoo land. If you hypo regularly and fit will
they be contented then or will they acuse you of not running your diabetes
God forbid I ever had to attend their clinic
( even on a pump I still panic on long journeys and motorways and aim for
but cn hit 18 due to conservative bolusing/ extra carb and stress)
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