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Re: [IPk] Necrobiosis

Barbara -

I raise my hand and say I've had necrobiosis (also called NLD - necrobiosis
lipoidica diabeticorum). A few months after I started on the pump I noticed
some discolouration of the skin on one shin. I was at my Bristol diabetes
clinic and mentioned it to my consultant. Ah yes, he said. A spot of NLD.
Leave it alone, and it will hopefully go away. 4 months later it had gone.
I guess I had a mild attack. Last year it came up on the other shin. I
observed it, did nothing, and 3 months later it had gone.

Sounds like you have a more severe form. From what I've read about it,
there seems to be no guaranteed cure - and leg makeup seems to be the best
way of containing the situation. Apparently NLD is not a classic diabetes
complication: it's just an illness people with diabetes appear to get more
often than people without diabetes. Maybe because it's an auto-immune
disease? Don't know. There we are :-(

Have fun in Portugal :-)


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