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Re: [IPk] lifestyle

I'm not sure why there is so much agro against psychologists. I find my
diabetes is very much a psychiatric as well as physical condition. Type 1
diabetes is very closely linked with clinical depression, and they don't
understand why. Figures vary, but a very *low* estimate is that 15% of us
are currently struggling with a major depressive disorder. Depression makes
the diabetes harder to control, and the poor diabetic control makes the
depression worse. That may be why many doctors choose to ignore the
depression, and focus just on the diabetes.

I did a teacher training course a few years ago, and dropped out part way
through. It wasn't for me. My tutor insisted I see the county educational
phychologist. The sessions were good, although interestingly it wasn't till
my 3rd appointment that I remembered to mention that I had diabetes...
funny how we erect barriers around things we want to hide. Her verdict was
that I was not depressed, but was not cut out to be a teacher - and I
should go to music college and train to be a singer, which I did. Life has
been better since then, although I still go through bouts of depression.


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