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[IPk] other drinks: was carbs in lactose; probably a question for Julette

I've no idea on the lactose question!

I like fruit teas, and worry about the ones that have lumps of dried
pinapple in them (from Wittards) - anyone know anything about them?

One of my staff has just given me some dried hibiscus from Egypt - I
assume it's 0 CHO - or I'll spot if it's dried in honey or some such -
but does anyone have a dire warning before I try it - or quantities to
make it???

Best wishes,

dm 30+ 508 1+, and one of the things I love about the pump is being able
to put a dipped teaspoon of honey into a mug of fruit tea, it really
brings out the flavour - only 3g CHO, and I used to worry about it too
much to do it ....  That's the kind of 'quality of life' improvement
which I _don't_ think should be available on the NHS, but worth
something in money, to me).

In message <email @ redacted>, Elizabeth OShea
<email @ redacted> writes
>Hi there -
>Anyone know how much carbohydrate in lactose? I searched the USDA 
>nutritional database but it doesn't have a result for lactose. I'm curious 
>because I had a cup of dandelion coffee, which is made from lactose and 
>dandelion root. I'm want to exclude the lactose as one of the reasons for my 
>BG of 11.7. I suspect a fasting cholesterol test has more to do with it!
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Pat Reynolds
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