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[IPk] Re:supplies

Thanks for your advice. Actually, the DSN who is now at our local hospital 
was the nurse who saw to my diabetes care at my GP's over the last three 
years. She is also an old work colleague which I think helped a lot. She has 
now moved to the hospital as the previous DSN has left due to ill health, but 
she freely admitted there was no one at the hospital dealing with diabetes 
care at the present time. When I initially asked her about the pump, she said 
go for it! She has no experience or training with pumps and doesn't know of 
anyone in this area with one. Incidentally, she has just done her diabetes 
care diploma- apparently they don't even touch on pumps at all! I guess 
things are still in the dark ages! She said she actually asked about pumps 
when she was doing the diploma and was told there was no official training in 
that area yet! 
I have been referred to the other hospital on the off chance they may have 
some knowledge with pumps and if not, at least they can refer me on to a 
centre which does. We are out on a limb in this part of the country so 
everywhere outside of our local hospital area means travelling great 
I do test a lot...in the past I have actually been told too much! I was 
always weel controlled in the past but lately have been finding control 
extremely difficult. It has been suggested that this may be due to developing 
antibodies to the insulin. (Humalog/humilin I). I have been diabetic for 
28yrs now, fortunately with no complications. I do have a lot of other 
medical complaints, though, and am a bit fed up of the consultants blaming 
everything from allergies to colitis on the diabetes! I have chronic fatigue 
syndrome and fybromyalgia, too, which along with my stressful lifestyle makes 
control awkward. I have two kids with special needs and meals etc rarely go 
according to plan! This is where a pump would help no end.
I have to ask, what is MDI? Sorry for the ingorance!
BW Helen
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