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[IPk] Driving/Fits/Hypos

Hi everyone,

What a life we diabetics have to put up with.  We can't win whatever we do.

I drove my car to the doctors for a minor problem.  Of course, they did a
blood glucose test (as they always try to put any complaint down to
The test was 8.6.  I was told that it was far too high and therefore my
problem was because I had no control on my diabetes.
I explained that my overall HbA1c was usually around 6.5 and when driving I
always kept my blood sugar higher.  I was frowned upon and told that this
was what diabetics always said when they were not in control!!!

Actually, the problem was that I needed my HRT pills increased.  After blood
tests this was done.  I managed to embarrass the clinic by asking that they
did an HbA1c test at the same time (which came back as 6.0 ).  No apologies
were given.

I just get annoyed that we aren't allowed to have a higher blood sugar even
when driving, which means that we will be less safe drivers.

I have dealt with this situation for the last 40 years but it still makes me
see RED.

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