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[IPk] pump supplies

Would it be possible to contact the DSNof the new hospital to abort having a
frustrating appointment there, if the consultant is still in the dark ages
Icidentally I have read that 90 of Britains 218 diabetes centres have at least
one patient on a pump, although in many cases I am sure it is like in my
centre. They let me use the pump but the DSN from disetronic trained me and
they don't have the knowledge to provide me with support
This means that statistically if you try 2 or  hospitals you should hit one
who will let you have a pump
Funding, aahh: probably a far different matter. See input website for advice
and don't give up. april 200 is the date when guidelines for prescription
should come out.
Keep detailed records, learn carb counting, regular testing etc, records of
hypos. Are you on MDI. consider 2 injections of long acting as opposed to one.
Even if the new consultant isn't able to immediately secure you with the means
for pumping, if he's receptive to your concerns and seems supportive, stay
with him and push.You mentioned that you have not been able to get a clinic
appointment for ages. You may find some general advice helpful

Good Luck!!
Most of us have been there as well
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