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[IPk] hypos and fitting

I laughed when I read your mail about colleagues still asking you to work
after a severe hypo
I lived in dread of this in A and E 2 yrs ago before I went on the pump and
had extremely erratic control ( one night BG at 2 am 10, 2.6 at 8am- luckily
had symptoms, another night, similar BG at 2 am, similar work load and stress,
same dose of insulatard, so decided to eat 1 slice of toast: BG 15 at 8 am)
On the plus side it was a quiet rural hospital so usually if I went low there
was time to eat, so as long as I had symptoms- ok
On the down side the above meant sleep at night .I dreaded being unrousable
due to a hypo, as I,m sure in today's climate this would have been deemed
unacceptable and I would have been declared unfit to deal with patients

SO I was caught in the dreadful situation of being extremely anxious about my
lack of control  and it's implications for my future health and oftern being
symptomatic with hyper, because I was scared of having a severe hypo and
loosing my job
I probably would have been less anxious in the " good old days" where
presumably such things were allowed to happen
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