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Re: [IPk] private pump training, psychologist, etc


Thanks for your support.  I really need it.

I think doctors look at me and think highly strung, nervy, it must be stress.
In my teens I was put on tranquilizers for very severe period pains.  They
didn't help but later iron for my anemia did the trick (I didn't look anemic).
In my twenties I was put on valium because I broke down suddenly.  It wasn't
until the following summer when it suddenly happened again that I realized the
problem was the new antihistamines I had been prescribed the previous year.  I
changed to another type and that did the trick.  In 1990 when I felt so unwell
the doctor started talking about stress in my life but luckily did a blood
test - diabetes!

I was lucky that for a number of years I did have a GP who took me seriously
and never once put me on valium.  Instead he looked for a cause and diagnosed
my under-active thyroid gland, osteoporosis (premature menopause in 20s) and
perennial allergies and treated them accordingly.

Originally I think the hospital wanted me to see a psychologist because:  my
levels fluctuated; I sometimes forgot to take my tablets or change my patch
(HRT); and occasionally I forgot to inject my insulin (the phone would ring or
children wanted something and distracted me); I kept having night time hypos
and couldn't stop them.

I tried to explain that I had a number of medical things to do each day
(several tablets, morning and evening);  patch to change two days a week;
awkward to take tablet to take each morning on empty stomach (not easy with
night time hypos);  exercises for a frozen shoulder plus all the diabetes
stuff.   OK I know I should concentrate and not forget - I just get carried
away sometimes and think of something other than my health!  At first (Jan
2001)I didn't go to see a psychologist - I thought this was a medical problem
- I was told I needed the new insulin glargine but it wasn't available.  I was
just waiting to get my basal rate correct. (Come back in 6 months time)   THEN

Last years was appalling but I don't feel able to go into all that now but it
was quite quite dreadful.  I will just mention some of the minor problems.
Three of us in the family were admitted for emergency surgery last year and 2
hours after my husband was discharged my son had a car accident!  He wasn't
hurt so we didn't make the full house. Etc etc etc etc
.................................. The curse on our family even extended
worldwide on our Silver Wedding Anniversary - guess the date.  Funny I am not
superstitious.  Anyway I did see the psychologist and am still seeing her and
I am now taking anti depressants.

About funding - No the private consultant won't be getting funding I will buy
the pump myself.  Maybe it's my fault I will be paying for the training but I
don't want to involve my NHS hospital - I have lost faith.  I will go to them
for basic blood tests and checking for complications.

I am not overweight - my BMI is towards to lower end.  I don't do formal
exercise but do a great deal of gardening and quite a bit of walking and my
stamina isn't bad. My blood pressure and cholesterol are good and I have no
complications from diabetes (after 12years). I test my blood a minimum of 4
times a day but usually 6+ times and have taught myself what to do with the
results (the hospital didn't).  I've got the book Pumping Insulin and one
called Stop the Rollercoaster both have helped more than anything.  This forum
is very supportive with lots of useful information.  It makes me feel that I
am not alone.

Thanks  Heather
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From: Abigail King
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Subject: [IPk] private pump training, psychologist, etc

I think it is scandalous that you are expected to fund private clinic
appointments, private training etc. The cost of the pump itself is a big
enough financial burden (unless of course, the private consultant is likely
secure funding for you)
It astounds me that the consultant you are seeing now refuses to let you
a pump if you are paying the costs, and the pump manufacturers are overseeing
your training and providing support when you need it. If he cannot see that a
pump may have something to offer you then he has not done his homework, and
basically does not have diabetes expertise

Why do you need to see a psychologist if you are on a blood glucose roller
coaster? Someone who is in complete denial and needs help with basic self
like taking insulin, testing, attention to diet etc, may benefit.The sort of
person who periodically omits their insulin when feeling under the weather so
they don't have to bother to eat and lands up in DKA because of this Or the
person who deliberately overdoses to seek attention or  escape some
intolerable social or life circumstance. Or even the person who takes insulin
but scoffs doughnuts and cr-p and weighs twenty stone, never exercises and
whose entire diabetes self care centres round avoiding a hypo even if its a
once a month occurence and they have good awareness
Telling someone who is motivated and still struggling that they need this is
like telling a paraplegic that they need a psychologist because they can't
walk! Or because they are depressed that they can't walk!
Please excuse poor netiquette everyone but I am sure my quote only echoes

Heather to have reached the state of acceptance of this condition and self
care and self knowledge that you already have plus the initiative to try a
insulin that you have to obtain privately, and to keep fighting to have
treatment which  should in a just system be offred you, implies tremendous
psychological health. The person that is denying you something that could
benefit you is the one who needs a psychologist, not you
If he / she had to cope with what you do on a life long basis, for just one
week then he or she would be in need of a psychologist

Having rollercoaster blood glucose levels sucks. No one should have to put up
with it if they have the abiliy to utilise available therapies to prevent it
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