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Re: HYPOS and seizures WASRe: [IPk] Constant highs

> Hello Michael
> By glucose gel, do you mean Hypostop?

Probabyl, I'm not familiar with all the brand names -- there are 
many. Basically the stuff is the consistency of the lubricant jelly 
used by docs for rectal and vaginal examines and is made up of mostly 
pure glucose. It is marketed here under a variety of names but always 
says "glucose" somewhere on the label. In most cases if the person 
you use it on has a functioning gag reflex, the usually will not 
aspirate it which is the risk any time you give something by mouth to 
an unconscious person. Rubbing the stuff all over the inside of the 
mouth and on the gums -- basically making a hugh mess :-)
pretty much has done the job when I've had to use it on Lily. A lot 
of it ended up on her face, hair, pillow, etc.... but brought her 
around eyes open, sitting up in about 10 minutes. She needed about 
another 20 - 30 minutes to really get lucid but was able to eat 
glucose tabs in the mean time. Only had to do it once. I figured if 
that didn't work, I could whack her with a glucagon shot. Our doc 
said it was a good choice with less side effects in the long run. 
Gluagon can make you feel pretty lousy as I understand it and leaves 
no cushion for another low since the liver is then depleted.

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