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[IPk] Re:Schools!!!!


When I was first diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 7 I had a lot of highs
and lows and had some quite erratic mood swings which the school failed to
notice as signs that my blood sugar was high/low. This concluded with me being
suspended in the end as a result of a high blood sugar and the inevitable mood
swing. In the end my Diabetic Nurse came into the school and gave the teachers
and some of my class mates a lesson about diabetes, its symptoms and how to
help. Further to that a notice was put in the Staff room making all teachers
aware of the diabetics in the school (by this point another had just come).
Any supply teachers that came in were informed of the problem by the
Headmaster and what to do if there was a problem.
The best thing for her to do would be to get the Diabetes Team involved and
persuade them to have a word with the school.


On Wed, 19 Jun 2002 email @ redacted wrote:
Subject: [IPk] Schools!!!!

Hello everyone

To get back to schools again, I have been talking to a lady this afternoon
who I met at Danielle's clinic (the diabetes nurse got her daughter to talk
to mine while they were colouring in).  I met her a while ago and it occurred
to me today that she probably doesn't even know what a pump is so I rang her.
 I told her all about the pump and she is going to ring me in a couple of
weeks to see how our trial is going (if we get that far because I still
haven't heard from the Minimed nurse for an appointment).  This is what she
told me:-

Her daughter (aged 8) has a teacher who has had the meeting with the diabetes
nurse and read the information provided.  All was going well until, by
chance, the mum called into school and found a stranger teaching the class
her daughter was in!  She asked "Do you know my daughter is diabetic?" and
the lady replied "Well, not until the children told me".  Well you can
imagine how she felt.  For the rest of the week, the child was kept off
school because the supply teacher was in for the rest of the week and she had
admitted that she had not any of the leaflets that had been left in the
classroom about the child's diabetes.

This had a knock-on effect on the child so much so that she decided she
didn't want to go back to school in case she was poorly and nobody could help
her.  Her mum went back to the school to see the head teacher (who was a new
head mistress and was not too pleasant to the mum).   She asked "Will you
give me permission to keep my child off school until her usual teacher
returns?" and she said "No, I do not see that that is a good enough reason
for absence" so she said "Well, this teacher knows nothing about her
diabetes" and the head mistress said "Well your child kicked up a fuss the
other day and said that she did not want to be at this school any more so I
told her that we do not want children with that sort of behaviour at our
school anyway".

I was very shocked by this.  The child obviously feels uncomfortable and
insecure doesn't she?  Also, it has been said that erratic blood sugars can
cause mood swings.  What is this woman to do?

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