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[IPk] Question on pump supplies

I'm awaiting an appt with a diabetes specialist at Westmorland general 
Hospital in Kendal, with a view to asking about a pump. Apparently this guy 
is called Dr Walmsley. I have no idea if he has any experience with the pump 
or what he is like in general, but as my local hospital, Furness General, was 
not providing any care due to lack of a consultant, my GP referred me there. 
It is within the same health authority(who keep changing their name)! which 
was called Morecambe Bay Trust.
I need to know a few things before I go see this doctor, so hopefully someone 
will be able to fill me in. 
One of the main questions that will affect whether or not I can have the 
pump, is of course, funding. I cannot possibly, under any circumstances, 
afford to fund a pump myself. Has anyone had a pump funded by this health 
Also, are the sundries needed for the pump (ie insulin cartridges, needles, 
cannulas, tubes, etc.) provided on prescription, or would I have to pay for 
these? I have heard that they weren't provided on prescription in the past 
but don't know if that has changed or is going to. If they are not, (and I 
know this is probably a very difficult question, so forgive me) then roughly 
what is the cost, weekly or monthly etc?
Another thing, (if I get that far)!, would be the type of pump. Are there a 
lot available and do you get a choice? Or are you just told to have the one 
they offer if the funding comes from the health authority?
I have seen on the digest that some people even have to pay for their care 
and have heard a minimed nurse mentioned. How widespread is this? ie Are 
these nurses all over the country or just in certain areas? (Another 
impossible question, I know)!
 I just feel that I need to know beforehand what I need to ask for. So thanks 
for any info that anyone can provide on this.
BW Helen
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