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[IPk] Re: travels to US - thank you

Just wanted to say thank you to all those who wrote to me with the
Disetronic phone number in the USA. It was very reassuring to have it. 
Thankfully nothing went wrong with the pump, so I didn't need it, which
was just as well since I had an incredibly busy schedule.
Blood sugars stayed reasonably ok, though tended to go low during the
day at the conference, decided that I had to take precautions (ate a
granola bar just before) to ensure that I did not go hypo just when I
had to present my paper - and that was fine.
I did get slightly hypo during one of those 'you have been selected for
a random check before boarding the flight' episodes yesterday just when
boarding the plane from Los Angeles to New York - fortunately that time
went smoothly, since the woman who checked me over told me, immediately
when I warned her that my pump was likely to cause her device to beep,
that I was the second person coming through with an insulin pump that
day, and she herself had been diabetic using insulin for 5 years, and
was thinking of asking her dr about a pump and what was my experience.
In general I found that when you are subjected to one of those checks
where they wave a handheld device all over you, the pump did cause it
to beep.  On one occasion (at JFK when going through security to the
connecting flight) they asked me if I could detach the pump so they
could check it - I did that but insisted on watching to ensure they
didnt mistreat it in any way - it was ok.
Altogether there were a huge number of security checks - in principle I
found this reassuring, but got fed up of the extra time involved, and
the questions about the pump and associated equipment - however they
accepted my explanations immediately, and only on one of the many many
checks was I asked to show the letter I had got my dr to write saying
that I am dependent on the pump at all times, and need to carry
associated equipment etc with me at all times, and I was never asked
for any other verification - someone had written that you should have
supplies in original containers with labels from the pharmacy with your
name - I never get insulin or pump supplies with labels on, so had been
a little concerned, but no one asked for this.
One funny (but not unreasonable) thing - not diabetes related - I had a
small bottle of water in my hand luggage - they asked me to drink a bit
of it - to demonstrate that it was not something more sinister than

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