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Re: [IPk] lifestyle

Hi Abigail
Yes, I quite agree.  They suggested I give up all sport, eat all my meals regularly 
etc etc until I got my BGs under control, and then I could gradually add back 
the sport etc. I refused point blank, as that would have just been completely 
pointless (and there was no way I was going to give up sport for an unknown 
period of weeks / months  - during which time the lack of exercise would have 
made my control worse anyway!) 
Admittedly, a good proportion of my highs and lows come from sport, even 
these days, but then a good proportion of my life is taken up with sport! And 
my control is definitely worse overall if I don't exercise. As is my general 
health, energy levels and mood!

I was always deemed "non-compliant". Admittedly I was non-compliant during my 
teens as I didn't test and ate what I wanted, but i think it's very unfair to 
be called non-compliant when you are trying to fit your diabetes control 
around your life rather than your life around your diabetes. Non-compliant is 
when you don't try to fit your diabetes control around anything!

On Thursday 20 June 2002 19:47, you wrote:
> Hi Diana
> This is gross hypocrisy since sport is supposed to be good for you!!!
> What they mean by a " normal existence" isn't one at all
> I'ts absolutely dreadful that you were expected to choose between delaying
> further complications or your life ( as dancing  sport etc is obviously a
> very big part of your life)
> I was getting to the stage of "should I give up my career" as then I
> wouldn't need to be fit to drive, fit to deal with patients and it wouldn't
> matter if I had 2 or 3 hypos everyday and gradually lost my warnings and I
> could have an A1c in the mid 8s instead of the mid 9s and perhaps delay
> complications a little more as long as I was prepared to collapse on a
> regular basis, have no life, no money etc.
> I'm sure my GP ( bless his heart) would have been astounded if I had
> suggested he put me on the long term sick when he stated that surely my
> poor glycaemic control was a result of my lifestyle Actually my control
> would probably have deteriorated even further as I would have thought "
> what's the point" and neglected myself completely
> But when someone is showing enough concern to confide in a professional
> that they are woried about poor control, this should never be labelled
> entirely as non compliance ( mis compliance perhaps as this has a slightly
> different meaing ie inadequate knowledge, and diabetes education is often
> very poor) ----------------------------------------------------------
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