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Re: [IPk] embarassment about hypos soon after food

On Thursday 20 June 2002 19:57, you wrote:
> This is a big one isn't it. Yes I've been there on several occasions. And I
> hate it when you go hypo at 9 pm or 11 am and someone says" have you had
> supper/ breakfast?"
> Doh!!
> Just try to get into an explanation that no you don't need food at certain
> times becasue you are on a basal bolus regimen and you're basals obviously
> need to come down a little due to stress, activity, hormones etc
> Interestingly, the year before I went on the pump I would hypo left right
> and centre. People would assume it was irregular meals etc but the majority
> took place within 2 -3 hours of a meal or at night.

Half the time it's bad enough trying to explain to someone that you can have 
a piece of chocolate - or whatever - because you will cover it with insulin, 
and they are convinced that you're "cheating" by doing so! 

> Another thing I struggle with is going out for the evening.Perhaps an
> evening lecture followed by a meal when I'm driving home after the meal. I
> hate mis judging carb and going low when I'm about to drive home and having
> to wait in a dark car park or a restaurant that's about to close. I often
> try to eat very low carb and have a low bolus, and only eat carb with the
> starter. I still struggle and often end up with BG in the low teens. Wonder
> whether I'm subconsciously being too conservative with insulin dose

Yes, going out for the evening is my main problem too. Though at least 
because I don't drive I don't have that added worry of driving with a low BG 
(doesn't matter quite so much if I'm sitting on the bus hypo). Though walking 
home late at night with a low BG is NOT a good idea - I did that once, was 
convinced I knew where I was going and ended up getting lost and walking 
around dark alleys at 2am in the middle of Sheffield city centre (admittedly 
I had had a couple of drinks, but I wasn't drunk, I was just very low). I 
won't make that mistake again in a hurry!
Perhaps a square wave or dual wave bolus might be better in that situation?
Then you could take half, then test after the meal and take the other half if 
necessary (or reset the remainder of the square wave)? Usually when you go 
out for a meal you eat quite slowly anyway and the meal takes a long time, so 
dual wave or square wave is often the way to go.

I find that restaurant meals almost always have more carb in them than I 
would expect, so now I almost routinely take more insulin than I would 
normally for the same kind of thing. I'm sure there's not that much hidden 
carbs in things, so I don't know why this should be. Something like tapas - 
or a buffet - is always the worst, where you lose track very easily of 
exactly what you've had. I almost always underestimate with those.
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