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[IPk] embarassment about hypos soon after food

This is a big one isn't it. Yes I've been there on several occasions. And I
hate it when you go hypo at 9 pm or 11 am and someone says" have you had
supper/ breakfast?"
Just try to get into an explanation that no you don't need food at certain
times becasue you are on a basal bolus regimen and you're basals obviously
need to come down a little due to stress, activity, hormones etc
Interestingly, the year before I went on the pump I would hypo left right and
centre. People would assume it was irregular meals etc but the majority took
place within 2 -3 hours of a meal or at night.

Another thing I struggle with is going out for the evening.Perhaps an evening
lecture followed by a meal when I'm driving home after the meal. I hate mis
judging carb and going low when I'm about to drive home and having to wait in
a dark car park or a restaurant that's about to close. I often try to eat very
low carb and have a low bolus, and only eat carb with the starter. I still
struggle and often end up with BG in the low teens. Wonder whether I'm
subconsciously being too conservative with insulin dose
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