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Re: amusement parks was Re: [IPk] Adrenaline

Hi Elizabeth

> I don't think anything is scary at Legoland! I even enjoyed the ferris
> wheel the last time I was on it there. Always hold out for a carousel with
> a lego person in it :-)

Oh, perhaps I was getting confused with somewhere else!

> AND... I went on one of the big rollercoasters at Parc Asterix and didn't
> close my eyes on the initial climb even when it went above the trees. So
> there. 


> Back on topic, my blood sugars were ok the entire weekend, probably because
> I wasn't conservative with the insulin and I ate my big meal at dinner time
> rather than in the evening. I did test at 16 at one point, but that was
> half an hour after eating a super twister ice pop, so that doesn't really
> count.

Did you forget to bolus for it? Or did you just underestimate it?

I'm slightly concerned that I find myself increasingly being conservative 
with my insulin when I'm out with other people, because I don't want to go 
low. Normally I run quite low and tend to have on average a mild hypo a day.
It's not because I'm worried about going hypo with other people around who 
won't know what to do, just that I hate having to stop what I'm doing (e.g. 
if I'm at a dance practice or lesson I don't want to have to stop to treat 
the hypo - and waste valuable time and money, or (the classic one) I don't 
want to have to explain to people why an hour after eating dinner my BG is 
low - one of the most difficult ones for people to understand!).

> I was most interested in how the heat would affect me, because they have
> summer in France and we don't anymore in Ireland, but it was grand. It
> helped that the park has built an observation deck next to its log flume
> and you get soaked through. I stood next to the log flume 6 times in one
> day - never went on it because the queue was 45minutes long :-)

I'm lucky in that I don't seem to have a problem with heat - unless I'm 
sunbathing directly after taking insulin, in which case my BG tends to drop 
like a stone (same as having a bath). But then heat doesn't stress me out - I 
think that's probably the key thing. Glad you had a good time anyway and that 
you managed to keep good control despite being on holiday! I'm off to France 
next week, but nothing quite so exciting as Parc Asterix - just a conference! 
I do find French food quite good on the BGs though - I think because if you 
avoid the bread, it's quite low in carbs and high in protein and vegetables, 
which suits me well.
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