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Re: [IPk] lifestyle

Hi Abigail
Yes, I was always told that my unstable BGs (pre-pump) were a result of my 
unsuitable lifestyle and that if I were to eat the same amounts of things at 
the same times and give up sport then my control would be fine. In other 
words, the problem was due to my own causing and it wasn't up to them to find 
a way round it. Hah!!!!
Admittedly, an unpredictable lifestyle doesn't make DM control any easier, 
especially on MDI, but the solution is to find a way of controlling the DM 
that takes this into account! Which in many cases will be the pump. I can't 
think of many cases where a lifestyle would be unsuitable for the pump, 
except someone who doesn't test or carb count or is not willing to spend any 
time on their pump and their DM! The infamous alcoholic who died in one of 
the early pump trials in Sheffield is a good example of an unsuitable 
lifestyle for a pump (or DM)! But that's about it.


On Thursday 20 June 2002 17:51, you wrote:
> what is an "unsuitable" or a " suitable" lifestyle for DM or a pump. I'm
> intrigued
> When my BG went really haywire before I thought of a pump it was put down
> to a change in job although the working hours were no more irregular than
> in my previous job.
> This is just pure indifference and laziness on the part of the profession,
> I'm afraid, because they don't want to admit that the current treatment is
> not effective and don't want the hassle of changing things
> Isn't it strange when we hear the message, you can lead a normal life with
> DM plastered everywhere on diagnosis and beyond, but as soon as we find
> ourselves struggling it is due to too much stress, too much or too little
> activity, irregular hours etc
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