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[IPk] Re: Heather funding


your story sounds very similar to my experience.  I was having great trouble 
with Insulatard pre-pump, taking Novorapid with this, and the rollercoaster 
of highs and lows making life very difficult.  We all need varying levels of 
insulin throughout the day, often differing depending on activity and I have 
found the pump the only way to allow this means of fine-tuned distribution.

The verdict from my consultant at the Diabetes clinic (a very well-known 
London hospital)in November 2001 was that I had an 'unsuitable lifestyle' - 
whatever that means, and a pump was therefore not suitable.  Yet they had no 
answers for adjusting my insulin to stop my vicious night-time hypos and 
subsequent morning highs, other than splitting the Insulatard dose, which 
created more problems, a less steep rollwer-coaster though a more curvy one.

  I was referred to a psychologist as the problems were seen to be in my 
head - the usual story that the hospital did not recognise or understand my 
BG problems, as I have a good HBa1c value, look healthy, and have had no 
'major' compications over 10 years of diabetes (ie. ones which have cost 
them time/money).  'See you in 6 months' was beginning to depress me as I 
could not share their enthusiasm with my control.

Since changing consultants and beginning pumping in Feb 2002, I have found 
the Disetronic team very helpful with the pump, as well as the book 'Pumping 
Insulin' invaluable.

Perhaps equally importantly, since going onto the pump I have been 
carbohydrate-counting religiously. In conjunction with the pumping, this has 
greatly improved my BG values.  Not once in 10 years has the hospital 
suggested this, buying the woeful 1990's line of eating a 'healthy, balanced 
diet' - counting was seen as obsessive and unnececesary.  I have now learnt 
that it is absolutely ESSENTIAL for good control.  I am currently looking 
into the effects of protein/fat on BG within a meal.  Although this 
scientific method of weighing/packet reading is tedious at first, the 
benefits more than make up for this.


(IDDM for 10 years, pumping for 5 months, and loving it, a lot)


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 21:56:59 +0100
From: "Heather Gibbs" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPk] Funding

Hello Barbara

I haven't written before so here goes.

I decided that I wanted more information about pumps and whether it was
suitable for me.  My NHS consultant had said that it wasn't suitable and
he did not have any patients on the pump.  He did not explain why it was
unsuitable for me.  I have had enormous trouble with my basal insulin.
I went
on Glargine last summer having obtained it by private prescription from
York and whilst it is a great improvement on Humulin I, I am still
trouble.  I looks as if I need different rates of basal at different
times of
day.  Hence I have now decided to go on a pump.

I haven't bothered to go back to my NHS Consultant because he doesn't
concerned about my constant night time hypos etc, "just come back in 6
time" is becoming a very familiar theme.   I have seen a private
experienced in pump therapy with a team familiar with pumps.  I suspect
this is a much faster route though more expensive because I will have to
for training.   It is good to talk to people who are prepared to do
about the roller coaster I am on.  Unlike the NHS they have never once
suggested that a psychologist is the way forward.

I do carbohydrate count now though this is against the advice of the
dietitians at my hospital - infact has never been brought up by the
hospital -
"just eat a healthy diet" has been the only recent advice - it didn't
This has improved my control tremendously.

All the Best


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