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Re: [IPk] Funding

Hello Barbara

I found a Doctor by consulting www.specialistinfo.com which is a directory of
UK Consultants & GPs.  This gives their special interests and I found only one
in London listed as interested in insulin pumps.  I phoned to confirm that
this was correct and made an appointment.  I didn't think of getting a
referral letter from my GP but no one asked for one. Initial appointment cost
about #170. The Consultant felt a pump would help me but wasn't pressing.  He
also mentioned Islet Transplantation and the Closed Loop System (he said this
was closer than I thought) both of which he thought I was suitable for.  I
then saw a specialist nurse on his team (#70 an hour).  #250 for continuous
blood glucose monitor.

I met with the Minimed "nurse" at the private hospital during an Open Day.
She was a previous colleague of the nurse I am seeing.  I asked about getting
training with Minimed but she said the nurse responsible for my on-going care
needed to be there.  I have read, but not asked, that the private training
would be about #1300.  It may be possible to get your NHS diabetic nurse
involved.  I haven't asked because as you may have realized I am rather
disillusioned by my local hospital.  I have decided to go it alone and pay up.
I am lucky that we can afford though would rather not.  I MUST GET MYSELF

I have a blue pump on order at the moment!

Bye Heather

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Well Heather thanks a lot!

I was really glad to receive your email and found it extremely eye-opening.
How did you find the address or number of a private diabetologist?  I don't
expect you to go into too much private detail, but I sort of know how much
consultations cost because my husband goes private for his probs, but I would
not know how much to expect to pay for the training on the pump.  The thing
is, I was told by somebody that you can use the private consultation as your
go-ahead for the pump but I didn't know that you had to go private for the
pump training as well.  Could you possibly fill me in a bit more?  I am
desperate to get my daughter on the pump by August and the pump nurse knows

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