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Re: [IPk] D-Tron

> Hi Karen
> I work for Disetronic in the UK and I'm not aware that any of our
> users have experienced problems fitting the cartridge into the pump,
> the cartridge is a standard size and the cartridge chamber is too,
> so, so long as the piston rod is fully retracted it just pops
> straight in, you then attach the adapter and the line, prime and
> away you go!

The confusion may have arisen because some people have used the Novo 
cartridges in D-trons rather than the E.Lilly cartridges. While this 
appears to work, both Disetronic and Novo have warned that it should 
not be done, that the cartridges are the wrong size, and that damage 
to the pump will be the eventual result. What's amusing about this is 
the way I found out about it. I was attending a Novo seminar in Las 
Vegas -- in a room full of CDE's during a presentation of scientific 
papers by the Novo Medical Director -- their top doc/researcher. She 
mentioned to the audience that Novo cartridges didn't work in 
D-trons and one of the CDE / audience members put up her hand and 
said "sure they do" and promptly held up her pump with a Novo 
cartridge in it. It was a funny moment. To make a long story short, 
the Med Director explained what the problems would be if the practice 
were continued and that warnings had been issued by both companies. 
This was later confirmed in conversatons I've had with the D factory.

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