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amusement parks was Re: [IPk] Adrenaline

>The only solution is to
>go to Legoland which is just as fun but doesn't have any scary rides 
> >>(though I know a certain person on this list who would disagree with 
> >me).

I don't think anything is scary at Legoland! I even enjoyed the ferris wheel 
the last time I was on it there. Always hold out for a carousel with a lego 
person in it :-)

AND... I went on one of the big rollercoasters at Parc Asterix and didn't 
close my eyes on the initial climb even when it went above the trees. So 
there. However, I can't go on anything that spins because it makes me sick 
to my stomach.

I highly recommend Parc Asterix, and especially the hotel attached to it. 
Three star is a much higher standard in France than it is in Ireland!

Back on topic, my blood sugars were ok the entire weekend, probably because 
I wasn't conservative with the insulin and I ate my big meal at dinner time 
rather than in the evening. I did test at 16 at one point, but that was half 
an hour after eating a super twister ice pop, so that doesn't really count.

I was most interested in how the heat would affect me, because they have 
summer in France and we don't anymore in Ireland, but it was grand. It 
helped that the park has built an observation deck next to its log flume and 
you get soaked through. I stood next to the log flume 6 times in one day - 
never went on it because the queue was 45minutes long :-)


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