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Re: [IPk] Re: Clinics, pumps and carb counting

> Hi Barbara -
> I don't count protein. For me, it fits in with the general background
> fuzziness of life and BG control. Some do count it, and there is some ratio
> they use (is it a third of the protein is converted to carb within 4
> hours???). But by that time I'm often onto my next meal and any BG rise -
> whether caused by protein, or inaccurate carb bolussing - will be covered
> by a correction bolus before my next meal.
> So I vote you should put protein on the back burner for now :-)
> John

To add to the protein debate - basically I do something similar to John. But 
I DO count it if I eat a lot of it, especially when combined with carbs, 
because it tends to make the BG rise slower but longer. I don't count it in 
scientific terms, but I take account of it - so I might use a square wave or 
dual bolus instead of a normal one. I take account of it at lunch too, when I 
often have salad with quite a lot of protein but few carbs. If I'm going to 
be sitting around all afternoon at my desk, I bolus about half a unit extra 
for the protein. If I'm going to be active for the next few hours, I don't 
count it. That all makes it sound very complicated, but it's not really.
 To complicate matters, often things that have protein in also have fat in, 
so you have to take account of that too (the fat delaying and extending the 
BG rise).
But, like John, I would advise not worrying too much about protein until 
you've got everything else sorted, unless you eat a lot of it at a time.
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