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[IPk] Re: Clinics, pumps and carb counting

>What worries me is that protein (meat? can anyone help me here?) is now
>counted as carbohydrate.  Am I right?  I mean, say I was on the pump and I
>ate a plateful of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, ham etc what would I
>have to bolus?  In the times when I was a child, the doctor would have said
>"bolus nothing" because he told us we could eat as much of that as we wanted.

Hi Barbara -

I don't count protein. For me, it fits in with the general background
fuzziness of life and BG control. Some do count it, and there is some ratio
they use (is it a third of the protein is converted to carb within 4
hours???). But by that time I'm often onto my next meal and any BG rise -
whether caused by protein, or inaccurate carb bolussing - will be covered
by a correction bolus before my next meal.

So I vote you should put protein on the back burner for now :-)


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