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Re: Clinics, pumps and carb counting WAS Re: [IPk] Funding

Hi Jackie

I do 'carb counting' because that is how I was brought up and no matter what 
they say, I can't stop looking at carbohydrate content and then dividing it 
by the amount in the packet and then coming to some sort of result.  The 
thing is, when I was a child, they told my mum that our diabetics had to eat 
50 grams of carbohydrate for dinner and tea (lunch and dinner to some) and we 
were given a list of foods and what carbohydrate they contained.  In the 
earlier years, my mum had to weigh the food to get it just right.  We were 
told at that time that carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, boiled eggs, 
meat and all vegetables, cheese and salad were free to eat as much as we 
liked so the only thing to be concerned about was the potatoes, rice, pasta 
etc.  Whenever I was in hospital or my sister was, my mum used to bring us 
boiled eggs because we were still hungry after the hospital meals (which were 
not counted as we were taught and we used to go hypo).  Very often my mum 
would make us scrambled egg and mix cheese in it if we were hungry and had 
already had our quota. 

What worries me is that protein (meat? can anyone help me here?) is now 
counted as carbohydrate.  Am I right?  I mean, say I was on the pump and I 
ate a plateful of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, ham etc what would I 
have to bolus?  In the times when I was a child, the doctor would have said 
"bolus nothing" because he told us we could eat as much of that as we wanted.

I am due to get the Pumping Insulin book tomorrow which I believe has a 
section on carbohydrate counting too.  Sorry for the 'Noah's Ark' knowledge, 
but when a doctor tells you something and you have to learn it, it sticks 
when you are a child and it takes some persuasion to shift us.

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