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Clinics, pumps and carb counting WAS Re: [IPk] Funding


All this sounds so familiar, I don't even mention that we carb  count to our
clinic as I am sure they would disapprove.  They already disapprove of because
Sasha's HbA1c is  has been between 6.2 and 5.5 for the last year.   This is
despite the fact that when she was on the regimen that they recommended i.e.
Mixtard 30 that she had 5 seizures at night.   When we got the changes in
insulin that I asked for, had to do this by stealth, things improved so much.
Now although we do get low blood sugars at times it is usually very
predictable, like because she missed or was late with a snack or did extra
excise. Before we started carb counting it was much more hit and miss.  I dont
know how anyone could ever get any predictable blood sugar without eating the
same thing for every meal however "healthy" it was


Mum to twins  Sasha and Rebecca  aged  8.  Sasha DX, D 1999,  both coeliac
2001,  Mum also, to Danielle and Nicole. Wife to Terry.

Novorapid  X 2

Insulatard   X 2
Unlike the NHS they have never once
> suggested that a psychologist is the way forward.
> I do carbohydrate count now though this is against the advice of the
> dietitians at my hospital - infact has never been brought up by the
hospital -
> "just eat a healthy diet" has been the only recent advice - it didn't work.
> This has improved my control tremendously.
> All the Best
> Heather
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