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[IPk] Funding

I'm a little uneasy about sharing this with you, because I know the 
difficulties many of you are having getting funding for your pumps, but
this information might highlight progress, so I'll share it anyway. I 
heard at the end of last week that I will be getting full funding for 
my pump, indefinately. I feel very, very lucky!

I do have to say that I feel having a consultant to back you up appears
to help, and I think this is the main way in which the NHS is at fault.
There seems to be too little education for doctors about insulin pump 
therapy and when it should be used, and consequently a lack of suitably
experienced diabetologists. I was lucky that my consultant was fully 
behind me for medical reasons (MDI simply wasn't working for me, no 
matter how hard I tried).

I feel the main problem is not just lack of funding, but lack of access
to adequately trained doctors who understand and support pump therapy. 
Every diabetic who wants to try pump therapy should be able to see a 
trained diabetologist, who would have the power to reccommend funding 
if they felt a pump was required and a suitable treatment option. A 
person who knows nothing about diabetes and sits in an office all day 
would find it more difficult to argue with the judgement of a trained 

Whether or ot a pump is required should not just be related to medical 
issues. For example a person may want a pump for the reason that they 
want a "better quality of life" If their current treatment and 
lifestyle is making them seriously unhappy and depressed, surely this 
has to be as good a reason for using a pump as, say, having frequent 

Caroline Batistoni
email @ redacted
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