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[IPk] Driving/Fits/Hypos

I noted Johns message regarding driving and I would like to add a few comments of my own here.  Though I appreciate everyone is entitled to their opinion and what I say is not guaranteed to be correct I would still air my views.  If someone knows that there is even the remotest chance that they are likely to have severe hypo's including fits when driving which result in the slightest loss of control, then they are breaching their duty of care that they owe to other road users and pedestrians or anyone else that the law says that they could reasonably forsee could be affected by their actions.  There is no getting away from it.  If you have had a hypo causing fits as recently as 12 months ago should one be driving?  Personally I think not.  As well as the potential claim for damages/negligence etc, there is also the possibility of criminal liability too.  Could you actually live with yourself if you killed someone due to such an incident?  probably not.  Is the DVLA aware of !
your history of having fits/convulsions whilst hypo?  This is not me having a dig at anyone because of the condition of diabetes and the misery and inconvenience it can inflict. But when you have such knowledge of what may happen during your own hypo's  do you really have that right to inflict the posible consequences on other members of the public?  After all, when driving a car you are in charge of a potential killing machine.

Again, I say quite clearly that this is only my personal opinion.
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