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Re: [IPk] Hypos and fits

Hi Barbara -

I guess we all have our own individual hypo experiences. For me, I probably
have a very mild hypo at some point every day. Different times, different
reasons. I get that slightly odd feeling, I check my BG - ah! 3.9. Four
glucose tablets from my pocket and the problem is over. Thankfully I always
have good early hypo awareness. But I am aware that some people don't have
it so good.

I've had 2 bad hypos in the 4 and half years I've been on the pump. One was
during the night when it appears my insulin requirement suddenly dropped.
It was during the night and I had a few minutes of fits before coming round
and taking glucose myself. The other was 12 months ago when I was driving.
That was frightening. I lost control of the car and could have killed
myself, my wife and son. Thankfully my wife turned off the ignition and
steered the car (with me having fits in the driver's seat) from the fast
lane and onto the hard shoulder. I talked it over soon afterwards with my
diabetes consultant: I was in the process of moving house, and had been
shifting heavy boxes for several days... I had also had a hypo during the
night before, which had effectively wiped out my hypo symptoms. Since then
I have always set my minimum BG to 10 when I'm driving, and rigourously
test every hour on a long journey.

Glucagon - I owned some once. I think it was when I was first diagnosed in
1977. I threw it out 10 years later, and have never replaced it. But if you
have someone in the house who might be able to use it on you (or your
daughter) there's no harm in having some in the back of the fridge. The
dose in one cartridge is absolutely massive - enough to rouse a bull
elephant I am told. That's why people tend to vomit for hours afterwards.
But that's better than being hypo I suppose.

HypoStop - gel with glucose in it. I was very proud of myself when I got
some of this (for my wife to use on me). Then the medical profession
decided the risk of death by choking on the stuff was higher than the
reduced risk of death by hypoglycemia. So you are not advised to use it
anymore. You decide for yourself...

My favourite hypo treatment remains as always glucose tablets - natural
flavour please. I always have at least half a packet in my pocket. (Anyone
seen those new Cappucino flavoured Dextro Energy tablets? I've just seen
them in the shops. Complete with caffeine. They are disgusting!!!) And a
box of glucose powder in the bathroom with a plastic cup. 2 spoonsful with
a bit of hot water from the tap - that is the quickest and cheapest way
I've found to kill a hypo.


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