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[IPk] Plumbing problems and Diabetes UK Weekend

Hi John

Unfortunately the plumbing/drain problems are considerably worse at the
moment.  I have spent literally hours moping up disgusting foul water and
still the plumbing problem is not fixed.  I now can't get anyone else to look
at the problem until Wednesday.  Dyno Rod's only answer was to try and jet the
pipes from inside the house in the kitchen/family room I told them that the
couldn't do it this way without covering everything in the room with slurry!!
They said the didn't have drain rods and didn't have a pump to  remove some of
the water and stuff first!!!   He couldnt think of a way of doing this  so
there I was on my hands and knees using a soup ladel to take out some of the
water while he stood and watched me lying on the floor with my arm down the
drain.  I dont think I'll be using that for soup again!

 I said for them to have one go and stop the jetter thing immediately.  Of
course it didn't work and they was stuff everywhere!!!!!!   This has been
going on since Friday and I am just about at the end of my tether.  I couldn't
even get fish and chips from the shop as the twins can't have them because of
coelia (might be contaminated with batter) . I have no towels left now cos I
had to use all of them to mop up the mess.  I had to dismantle the pipes from
the dishwasher which was full of half washed dishes and dirty water.  I was
worried that I'd had to stop it mid cycle and all that corrosive dishwasher
powder was inside.  I have an open manhole in the room off the kitchen.
My dear husband is in Scotland on a biking holiday for 3 weeks.  I really
don't want to have to ask him to come back as it all took weeks of planning
ahead to make sure that everything ran smoothly with kids while he was away.
He keeps in touch by phone but can't really do anything.
The plumbers who came on Friday managed to clear the blockage for a while I
have already got a bill from them for #80.  They are coming back on Wednesday
.The next step is to excavate the floor!!   What makes it worse it that the
kitchen has only recently been re fitted and the wooden flooring is ruined and
the carpets in the family room are all up and got wet too.  I can't even roll
up the carpet and move it because it's too heavy.  I didn't have anything to
eat all day until 8.30pm.
I can sort of manage without a sink for a while but it's all the dirty water
that has soaked into the concrete floor that I am concerned about.  I am
feeling very sorry for myself.  Sorry it's not really the right place to be
talking about my plumbing problems!

However back to coeliac, Coeliac UK do warn all coeliacs that if they have to
go into hospital that they might have to get relatives to bring in stuff as
they often can't cater for diet as there are unlikely too be many other
coeliac staying even a large hospital. There was a article in Coeliac UK
magazine about a new mother who was diabetic and coeliac being left without
enough to eat and being found unconscious because they did not provide enough
GF food for her to eat and she was breast feeding her new baby.

I was just reading a mail on a diabetes/coeliac list and the mother was saying
that when her daughter goes to D camp (live in the US) that she had to provide
all her daughter meals in advance and freeze them.   I dont know if I feel
strong enough to think about going anywhere now expect to bed!


Mum to twins  Sasha and Rebecca  aged  8.  Sasha DX D 1999,  both coeliac
2001,  Mum also, to Danielle and Nicole. Wife to Terry.

Novorapid  X 2

Insulatard   X 2

> >I will  try and ring tomorrow if I have sorted out my major plumbing/drain
> >problems.

John wrote

> Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems, Jackie :-)
> Some doctors in the UK reckon that maybe 20% of kids with Type 1 diabetes
> also have (or will have) coeliac disease. If that figure is true, a should
> jolly well hope that Diabetes UK provide easy support for those needing a
> coeliac free diet.
> John
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