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[IPk] Adrenaline

>There was also an article in a medical journal a few years ago suggesting
>that on any given night, a third of us with Type 1 diabetes will have a
>hypo. Most of us will sleep straight through as the body self-corrects
>(with adrenaline, releasing glucose from its liver stores etc). And it will
>be a different third each night. It's still an astonishing figure though.

I can't believe you have mentioned this John.  I have been trying to work out 
whether adrenaline has this effect and I asked the diabetes team but they 
weren't sure.  We were so worried a few months ago when we were at The 
Pleasure Beach in Blackpool because my daughter's blood sugar was off the 
scale all the time and nothing seemed to bring it down.  She went on a lot of 
terrifying rides including the Ice Blast that shoots you up into the air and 
I know her adrenaline would have been rushing but I couldn't get the diabetes 
team to agree with me.

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