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Re: [IPk] Re: HYPOS and seizures

>I've heard a lot of stories about children having seizures when their BGs get
>low (luckily something that never happened to me as a child - which was
>probably just as well since home BG monitoring didn't exist then - it was
>urine tests or nothing!). But it never seems to happen to adults (or very
>rarely). I often wonder why this should be. Does anyone have any ideas?

Could it be connected with the fact that some (lucky) people retain their
natural glucagon production for a few years after diagnosis? It eventually
packs up, but in the mean time you have natural protection against moderate
hypos - it's only the really bad ones that get you, and cause a seizure. I
haven't a clue what I'm talking about, by the way. But I was diagnosed at
the age of 11 (the most common age) and had no bad nightime hypos until I
was 16.

There was also an article in a medical journal a few years ago suggesting
that on any given night, a third of us with Type 1 diabetes will have a
hypo. Most of us will sleep straight through as the body self-corrects
(with adrenaline, releasing glucose from its liver stores etc). And it will
be a different third each night. It's still an astonishing figure though.


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