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Re: HYPOS and seizures WASRe: [IPk] Constant highs

On 17 Jun 2002 at 12:22, Jackie Jacombs wrote:

> My experience with my 8 year old is that severe hypos are,
> unfortunately not that rare.  She has has at least 7 severe
> hypo where she has had seizures each time.   My daughter
> never wakes when her levels drop but sleeps on.  The first
> seizure she was in my bed next to me and wasn't restless or
> sweaty or anything just when straight into a seizure.  I
> have had to use glucagon several times.

We have been lucky so far and it's only happened once, on Boxing Day 
morning of all times. Emily was sat at the computer and just toppled over 
sideways onto the floor. I think we may have used too much glucagon (half a 
dose) as Emily could not keep anything down for 3 hours afterwards. A bit 
nerve wracking when you are trying to keep blood sugars up :-) 

Emily has quite often been woken by a bad dream and testing has revealed 
a hypo. We have had a few occasions where Emily has been semi-
conscious and we have had to use Glucostop. We tried a glucose tablet 
once but she just sat there holding it between her teeth! I cannot recall the 
blood sugar levels but don't think they were exceptionally low or I probably 
would remember. She has had readings as low as 1.5 and been fine (apart 
from normal hypo symptoms). Maybe the speed of fall in blood sugar makes 
the difference?

Mum to Emily aged 10, dx Oct '99
Humalog x 3, Humalog Mix 25 x 1
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