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Re: [IPk] Credit terms for pumps

At 18:26 16/06/2002 -0400, Babz wrote:
>Hello Colin
>What you have said is just right.  You do have a right to better your
> quality of life and I back you all the way.  Just hope everyone else sees
> it that way.

I pretty much go along with that too - although I do not think that an
addict can be described as 'making a choice'. It sort of goes against the
definition :) I would prefer to assume that every addict deserves help -
just like I would assume that every diabetic deserves a pump and all other
help that can be offered, even if they did eat nothing but doughnuts!

I'll buy a pump, just like I bought my groovy BG meter, but if *I* can
manage that and all the effort that goes along with it, I would expect the
Powers That Be to pay for the ongoing costs. This is what I'll be going for.

Actually, here's a question - do you guys think that buying a pump out of
my own pocket will *increase* my chances of getting the cost of the pump
itself back from the PCT? Or does it make it even less likely that I'll get
that money back?

If it's better to wait, and ask for the money first, then I can hold off
for a few months.


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