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Re: [IPk] My brother

> He wants me to give him a sort of guide that he can hand to his colleagues
> and also that he can learn from himself.  He knows quite a lot about what
> diabetes is because he has grown up with a family full of it but he would
> like to know a bit more now that he has it too.  He told me "This illness is
> not going to get the better of me!  I am going to fight it!".  I was
> wondering if anyone could suggest a book that I could buy for him that goes
> beyond just what diabetes is.  I think he needs something about nutrition and
> excercise and something that would include bits about why your blood sugar
> fluctuates for no known reason to yourself.  He asked me if I could put my
> knowledge down in writing for him.  I could do that, but I would prefer to
> send him a book written by a professional.  He is not on a pump.  He injects
> quick-acting insulin before each meal.

Why don't you buy him a copy of Pumping Insulin. Maybe that will improve
things for him. If he's become hypo-unaware, the only thing that will
really help is to get the awareness back. To do that he need tight control
with raised targets.

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