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Re: [IPk] My little angel's scarring

> My little girl was diagnosed in August last year and we have tried our
> hardest to rotate the sites but now it is becoming noticeable that she has
> either bruises or marks where she has her injections.  She said that people
> stare at her legs when she is getting ready or unready after swimming with
> school.  I don't want her to feel like this, but I noticed today that she was
> showing bruises and red marks around her belly button area and it would have
> made me question it if I didn't know she was diabetic.  She is really
> starting to become aware of it.  How many other mums have noticed that there
> is something happening to their child's skin and how do you avoid the
> scarring or noticeable marks where the injections have been?
> I know that the pump can produce even more scarring than this so how do
> parents sort this out?  Do your children wear long tops instead of belly tops
> or do they wear longer shorts to cover the marks on the legs?  Does everyone
> have this problem, and if not, why not?  What do you do to disguise the
> signs?

It is very rare for a pump cannula to leave the type of bruises and marks
you see on the arms and legs of MDIer's. Usually there is a pin-head sized
red dot that fades away within a week or two. Scarring from sets is pretty
much a thing of the past since the introduction of plastic cannulas.

To reduce MDI scars, try using the tummy skin, just pinch it up and shoot
the fold lenthwise (sideways). It took forever to convince my daughter to
try it just once, but after she did, she has never again since then given
herself a shot anywhere else -- it's been eight years. Granted, she is a
pumper, and shots don't happen often, but she still won't shoot anywhere
else because she feels it does not hurt nearly as much and leaves no mark

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