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[IPk] My brother

Hello everyone

You all probably know that I am diabetic and so is my daughter and a lot more 
in my immediate family.  The thing is, my brother was diagnosed at 21 and is 
now 26 but he works away.  He is into the gym in a big way and works out 6 
days a week.  He is extremely fit.  However, he had his very first hypo a few 
weeks ago and doesn't know how it happened.  He has experienced the symptoms 
and acted in time in the past but this time, he hit the floor and actually 
went unconscious without any warnings.  All he can remember is picking an 
argument with a friend and accusing this friend of stealing something from 
him and then he doesn't remember anything else.

He wants me to give him a sort of guide that he can hand to his colleagues 
and also that he can learn from himself.  He knows quite a lot about what 
diabetes is because he has grown up with a family full of it but he would 
like to know a bit more now that he has it too.  He told me "This illness is 
not going to get the better of me!  I am going to fight it!".  I was 
wondering if anyone could suggest a book that I could buy for him that goes 
beyond just what diabetes is.  I think he needs something about nutrition and 
excercise and something that would include bits about why your blood sugar 
fluctuates for no known reason to yourself.  He asked me if I could put my 
knowledge down in writing for him.  I could do that, but I would prefer to 
send him a book written by a professional.  He is not on a pump.  He injects 
quick-acting insulin before each meal.


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