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Re: [IPk] Credit terms for pumps

Hello Dave

You haven't upset me because everyone has their opinion and they are very 
entitled to it.  What bothers me is that the government pay out a lot of 
money on silly things and actually waste tax-payers money because it is not 
their own.  The more we work, the more we pay.  The more we try to better 
ourselves, the more we pay tax.  There is a good saying "Born Free, Taxed to 
Death".  Ok, so I don't want to offend anybody either so I will gently 
approach the subject and say "I think a lot of money is put into things like 
The Millennium Dome and Asylum Seekers so what is all the fuss about our own 
citizens wanting to improve the quality of life by going on a pump?"  

Don't get me wrong.  I welcome everybody's views about things like this but 
the pump has been known to help the NHS by allowing the patient much better 
control, less hypos and altogether less associated problems which are part 
and parcel of being diabetic in some cases.  Some areas fund the pump so why 
should it be postcode-related?

I feel sorry for you - I really do.  You have had to struggle to buy your 
pump to improve your health.  I also know what you mean by choosing to have a 
pump and therefore paying for it because it is not a necessity.  I think that 
is the message you are trying to get across, but you are entitled to it.  If 
the NHS or Primary Care Trust paid for it you wouldn't be wasting their time 
or money, because you would have better control and freedom and I am sure you 
would not be giving it back.  Do you see what I mean?

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