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[IPk] Credit terms for pumps

Hi all,

Well, I think I'm going to go ahead and buy one - and try to get the costs 
back later, of course.

Cost is a very big issue for me - I'm a poorly-paid public sector employee, 
after all - so the idea of an interest-free credit agreement is very 
attractive. This is something that Disetronic UK have told me is available 
with their pumps - has anyone else taken advantage of this?

However, on enquiring about whether Medtronic have a similar arrangement, I 
was a little disappointed. I spoke to Medtronic UK and although they 
confirmed that, as from 1st July, they will be dealing with MiniMed pumps 
in the UK, they refused point blank to answer any questions about it. I 
wouldn't be so concerned if this was just procedural, but they gave the 
distinct impression that they couldn't answer because they didn't know 
anything yet! I was put through to their credit control department, who 
(very brusquely indeed) told me that they do not do credit terms for any 
pumps currently, and will almost certainly not do so for the MiniMed pump 
when they take it over.

Does that sound right? Do AMT do any credit arrangements? The insulin pump 
market is very much a 2-horse race, so I'm surprised that Medtronic would 
want to allow Disetronic to have such a significant advantage over them. 
Credit is a risk but as insulin pumpers so often have to fund themselves, 
it must make a difference to marketability!

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