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Re: [IPk] Did anyone else receive a letter like this?

My correspondance was similar too Barbara. It got to the point where 
although the PCT which was in Hertfordshire, stated that they had an 
agreement with the hospital I attend in London,it was up to the consultant 
to fund the pump from his budget.I still don't know how I suddenly got the 
money sent and I have a feeling that is a one off payment and not to provide 
ongoing funding for my consumables. Did someone say that they were able to 
be obtainable on NHS prescription from april 2003 or did I dream it? It 
seems to me you need to find a consultant who will support the need for a 
pump for Danielle and that you therefore have the funding. It seems 
desparately unfare that all these trusts etc are trying to find ways evading 
their oblibation to fund people. I had better stop or I will be back on my 
political high horse again Carmel

>From: email @ redacted
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>Subject: [IPk] Did anyone else receive a letter like this?
>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 04:41:17 EDT
>Hello everyone
>You might remember that I wrote a letter to the Primary Care Trust 
>funding for a pump for my daughter Danielle.  Well, this is their 
>Further to your letter, I would like to confirm that insulin pump therapy 
>only be arranged via the hospital currently managing Danielle's care.  It 
>of course, inappropriate for Cheshire West Primary Care Trust to purchase
>equipment directly because clinical records are not held by this
>I would therefore like to suggest that you contact your daughter's 
>to discuss whether insulin pump therapy is clinically indicated.  If a 
>is recommended by Dr. (Danielle's doctor), then Mid Cheshire Hospitals will
>be able to arrange this and discuss any funding consequences with the 
>Care Trust directly.
>From the Director of Commissioning & Strategy.
>First of all, I know Danielle's Consultant knows nothing about the pump but
>he said he would still see her at clinic as long as the pump is looked 
>elsewhere (ie, the 24-hour support that comes along with it).  By the 
>of this letter, maybe funding is a definite "no no" because the Consultant 
>not going to be indicating that it is needed.
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